Monday, February 26, 2007

A Beautiful Prom Dress is an Individual Statement

The designers preparing the dresses for the current season cater to the typical body types as they pen their drawings. Many girls attending the prom do not fit into those typical body types. These designers are used to working with models with exceptional body types and sometimes forget about the reality outside of their design studio.

A beautiful prom dress might be just right for one of those models, but it will not be just right for everyone. Find a style that is complementary to your body type so you can enjoy the evening. Most girls do not want to stand like a mannequin in a beautiful prom dress as everyone walks by to admire their appearance.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Makings of a Beautiful Prom Dress

Choosing a beautiful prom dress means choosing from a menu of many ingredients. First of all the color is an important part of the entire package. Every girl wants to find a color for their dress that compliments their hair and skin colors. Each person that is looking for a beautiful prom dress should not just search for a beautiful color, but a color that will enhance the features of the person wearing the dress for this special event.

The style of the dress can make a significant difference in the enjoyment of the evening. A style that is stiff or cumbersome may appear to be a beautiful prom dress on a mannequin in the store, but the mannequin does not have to dance to the music of the band or get into and out of a car to get to and from the event.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Beautiful Prom Dress Makes for a Memorable Night

Teenagers hear about the school prom from a very young age, and thus they look forward to this time when they will be able to go to the school prom themselves; attending the school prom is one of the most memorable occasions for many people, so the selection of appropriate attire can make a difference in the pleasures of the evening.

The male attendees have easier choices for their attire and the guys look similar when the pictures come out. They have tuxedoes, usually rented, for the party, but the females have so many different choices to make to find a beautiful prom dress for the special party. A beautiful dress for the evening can be the key to an enjoyable time at the prom and provide for wonderful memories in the following years.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dancing the Night Away in Your 80s Prom Dress

If a high school is throwing a 80s style prom (Darnit! There goes your original dress idea!), the fun doesn’t stop at the 80s prom dress; the decorations that come along with the theme are fun and vividly reminiscent of two decades past. The main event is the dancing and rocking out to the fabulous 80s tunes that your parents probably loved.

Partygoers can be seen dancing to tunes from song artists such as Cindy Lauper, Ted Nugent, Europe, and Madonna (yep, she was around back then, too). An 80s themed prom is a great way to let go of inhibitions and not have to worry about getting the right dress to fit into what everyone else is wearing. A 80s themed prom lets you go a little wild and crazy with your friends and date for a timeless and treasured night.

Get Color with Your 80s Prom Dress

So what did people wear to proms back in your parent's generation? Hoop skirts and pillbox hats? No way. An 80s prom dress is typically bright and flashy, typically characterized by bright colored chiffon. Think gold, silver, hot pink, purple, orange, electric blue, or often a combination of brilliant colors. Multicolored dresses, of course, have the advantage of being easy to accessorize. Your 80s prom dress may be short with a ruffled skirt, or knee length with a straight skirt and body with large puffy chests and arms. Long prom dresses were available in the 80s, of course, but they tended to be the exception rather than the rule.

Ready to go retro all the way? Then accessorize your 80s prom dress with spike heels (just remember you have to dance in them!), bright makeup and nail polish. If you're totally dedicated, you may want to spike your hair, or at least have it streaked with color. (We're not talking subtle highlights here; we're talking streaks of blue, green, pink, magenta, etc.)

The best places to find a 80s prom dress are online, in vintage or thrift shops, or specialty consignment shops. They are likely to be gently used and available at significantly lower prices than new and designer prom dresses.

Making Your 80s Prom Dress Look Fabulous

Okay, its time for prom and everybody is going to be dressed to the nines in the newest, most expensive fashions. If the thought of being a designer clone makes you want to hurl, why not take your prom dress in a different direction? Rather than shop for the latest offerings, take a trip down memory lane by choosing an 80s prom dress.

If you go retro, it's a sure bet that you won't be anyone's clone, unlike the girls who all buy the newest fashions and then watch, horrified, as half the female population of the school shows up in basically the same gown. Meanwhile, you and your 80s prom dress will stand out as a bold, quirky fashion statement.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Buying now can Provide you Great Savings on a 2007 Prom Dress

Planning and buying a 2007 prom dress months in advance can mean considerable savings on this important purchase. In the six months before the big night, there will be numerous sales on dresses that could be the perfect 2007 prom dress. Stores have gigantic sales the day after Thanksgiving with excellent prices on all merchandise.

After Christmas, there are sales on the merchandise procured for the Christmas buying extravaganza. The possibility of extra money for accessories could add extra appeal to the perfect 2007 prom dress, and any normal teenager will be able to put the savings to good use for other items.